Andrius, 15 years in the company

Group’s manager

I have been working at Winbas almost since the first steps of the company. I am inspired by working with people – the experience and knowledge I have gained gives me the opportunity to help younger colleagues who have just started taking their first steps in an international company. In addition, it is a great opportunity to get to know the Scandinavian culture.

Julija, 4 years in the company

Traffic Administrator, Marketing Specialist

I enjoy working in the company where I can boldly express my opinion and implement new ideas. Working with a team here at WinBas is special in the way that each of us have the opportunity to share our experiences: we are being listened to; we can advise each other and solve problems together. Therefore, we strive for the best results and successfully cooperate and grow as a team.

Marius, 4 years in the company

Estimator, CAD designer

I have never experienced such kindness and attention when it comes to solving everyday issues as it is here, at WinBas. These qualities and attitude come both from team members and from the managers, which motivates me to do my best at every task. Moreover, the business trips, refresher trainings and company’s events & surprises, as well as the smiles of team members make you enjoy and appreciate time spent here.

Mindaugas, 5 years in the company

Senior financial cost estimator, constructor

The most motivating activity for me is the processes & their optimization. I enjoy that here I make a significant contribution to improving efficiency and helping the team to move forward.

Povilas, 5 years in the company


Strong values that WinBas represents act as one of the main advantages to work here. We have high-level professionals, therefore I feel great knowing I can trust people I work with every day.