Creating 3D models by portraying products in a virtual space

Development of 3D models for existing products and products that are in development. A 3D model in virtual space depicting a particular product with all its features and characteristics.


Size, shape, color, transparency, reflection, surface texture.


Strength, possibilities of movement and action, deformations under the load.


Materials and other components used – down to the smallest screws.


Cutting, drilling, milling, painting, assembly and other operations.

The benefits of 3D Modeling

Creating 3D models essentially saves a lot of time and effort: from the first sketch to the finished virtual 3D projection, a product idea is realized just within a few hours. All virtual 3D parts can be reused and assembled into the designed product. There is also the possibility to portray hidden parts of the product. Another important benefit is cost savings – 3D modeling reduces the need for real-world tests. Product modifications are retested with a minimal cost. The 3D model used for testing and modeling can also be used in other areas:

Preparing sales and marketing material

Preparing product photos for the press release

Using high quality photos and animations on the website

Creating an installation manual

In the production

Creating drawings for all the product layers

Preparing assembly drawings with a list of materials

Each change made to the 3D model automatically changes within other related drawings as well, so the drawings are always correct