The goal of the production planning is to ensure effective and consistent production flow and timely fulfillment of the orders. Production planning and order quality control ensure that the production goals are achieved using the optimal amount of resources while ensuring and delivering the highest product quality.

Production batch planning

We prepare sold orders for the production, as well as carry out consistent quality control for the orders, ensuring that the distribution of the windows’ and doors’ series in the assembly lines is optimal and ordered products are delivered on time.

Development of the product model

Our team creates windows and doors models using special estimation calculation programs. The development models allow calculating the exact prices of windows and doors without the use of additional price lists. The information of the model selected by the customer is transmitted to the factory. The factory estimates what profiles will be needed for the particular project, how many hinges will be needed, what type of handles and glass will be required to assemble the specific product model.

2D drawings

There are several types of the 2D drawings:

Drawings of non-standard windows and doors.

Drawings, based on the estimates of non-standard offers.

Preparation of the 2D drawings for the manufacturer’s websites.

Drawing made for the suppliers.